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Hot Rolling Mill
Metal is not naturally produced in shape, it requires different phase of processing to end up being sold-able. We present Hot Rolling Mills that are fitted with different advanced motors, platforms and more to process metal and other solid material through cold and hot processing methods. Components within the mills are oiled to avert unnecessary friction and corrosion.
Reduction Gear Box
Our Reduction Gear Boxes are applied in axletrees, turbines and liners for the capability to increase torque result by taking least electricity. Different material grade such as cast iron, stainless steel and more are available for low-noise, efficient and space saving function. In addition, they possess outstanding heat conductivity, extended transmission torque, least power losses level and mechanical strength.
Mill Stand
Mill Stands are installed in rolling mills that comprise of some systems and several components. Every stand is subject to elevated temperatures, extended loads as well as different tough conditions. Our stands may help customers to enhance reliability of their products and cut working costs at each stand section.
Mill Accessories
Our Mill Accessories include every that component that is vital in roll milling machines. Through offered accessories, customers can always include functionality to their milling machines and maintain them operating well with different attachments, parts and more. Furthers, external coating offers high hardness as well as thermal resistance permitting the accessories to run at elevated feeds and speeds.
Gear Boxes & Gear Cutting
Price effectiveness, great compactness, product variety, highly wide speed choice and elevated torque density make our Gear Boxes And Gear Cutting the unbeatable range of speed reducers and gear motors. They are imperative where highly low reaction is not significant enough. In addition, they are considered as small size packs with an outstanding price and performance proportion.
Shearing Machines
Shearing Machines are normally cutting, trimming and hemming tools that are installed in primary machines for numerous deployments. These are primarily employed for heavy and medium duty material such as metal bars and steel. Further, the teeth and blades of our products are sharpened through diamond cutting and sharpening.

Rolling Mill Machinery
The range of our Rolling Mill Machinery also includes components for machine that are flexible enough to increase productivity through their performance and adjustability. Every included product functions in particular pattern that implies every application is possible when our machinery is there to help you, generally. In addition, they additionally render high yield.
Universal Cross Joint
Hefty and medium duty truck, light, passenger car and more have our Universal Cross Joints, which apply circular bearing cups with snap ring channel on the outer diameter of bearings as well as fabricated flat surface on inside yoke ears. These are plain to estimate lock-up for the style through quantifying the yoke from internal ear to ear.
Specialized Equipment
This Specialized Equipment is acknowledged for their consumption and temperature protection include, simple establishment and low support cost. Our offered scope of unique supplies incorporates controller, positioners, coilers, decoilers and turning extractors. The range is deployed by numerous industries for their special requirements.
Gears and Pinion Shafts
Pinion shafts and different gears that we are offering refer to critical components imperative in any gear instrument. Similarly, provided Gears and Pinion Shafts are smallest gears available in gear drives as well as gear reducer. The products can be obtainable in different sorts such as bevel, helical, spur and more for customers’ every critical production line and application.
Gear Coupling
Offered Gear Couplings are normally mechanical instruments that are alternatively outlines to transfer torque between two shafts, which are not at any chance collinear. The couplings mainly include of two adaptable joints, one is fixed to every shaft. In addition, the joints are frequently linked by third shaft.
Provided Coilers are available in different grades such as manual, automatic and semi-automatic. These are deployed in elevated output extrusion lines alongside elevated extrusion speeds. However, they are primarily employed for medium, low and high extrusion speeds. Attributable to their optimized outlines, these require small space as well as can be installed effortlessly in any production line.

We mainly deal in export markets as Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya and Gulf Countries.