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Industrial Reduction Gear Box

Industrial Reduction Gear Box
Industrial Reduction Gear Box
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Product Code : UGI - 101
Brand Name : UGI
Product Description

Industrial Reduction Gear Box is a machine in a power transmission framework, which gives controlled use of the power. Frequently the term transmission alludes basically to the gearbox that utilizations riggings and apparatus trains to give speed and torque transformations from a pivoting power source to another gadget. In English, the term Industrial Reduction Gear Box alludes to the entire drive prepare, including grip, gearbox, prop shaft (for raise wheel drive), differential, and last drive shafts. In American English, be that as it may, the term alludes all the more particularly to the gearbox alone, and definite use varies.


It has discovered use in a wide range of—frequently stationary—applications, for example, wind turbines. Transmissions are additionally utilized as a part of farming, modern, development, mining and car gear. Notwithstanding conventional transmission outfitted with gears, such hardware makes broad utilization of the hydrostatic drive and electrical customizable speed drives. 


We mainly deal in export markets as Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya and Gulf Countries.